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Pavement Maintenance: Avoiding the pitfalls

Jon Baggett 28 Apr 2017

Knowing what pitfalls to avoid is as important as getting a pavement maintenance plan in place.

How to avoid the pitfalls of pavement maintenance  READ MORE

Pavement Maintenance: So you have a plan. Now what?

Jon Baggett 03 Apr 2017

The idea with any pavement maintenance plan is to turn back the clock on the degradation process. Your pavement maintenance plan should be developed specifically for the needs of each property you own or manage. It should estimate a timeline for performing recommended maintenance and estimate the cost of each part of the plan to maximize the life of your asphalt.


Pavement Maintenance: The who, what, and when

Jon Baggett 01 Mar 2017

If you have pavement, you need maintenance. You. If you’re a school district, or municipality, facility manager, or property manager, you have annual capital budgets, and you must include the cost of pavement maintenance in your budget.

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Pavement Maintenance: To maintain or when to maintain

Jon Baggett 01 Feb 2017

Pavement maintenance is an ongoing concern for all commercial property managers, school facilities, and homeowners’ associations. Anyone who has pavement wonders how and when to maintain it to extend its life, whether it be an asphalt parking lot, access route on campus, or a road in the neighborhood. This is important everywhere, but especially in the extreme temperatures of the Southwest.

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The Roads More Traveled

Jon Baggett 25 Aug 2016

Not to get all poetic on you, but we’re about to take exception to the famous poem by Robert Frost, The Road Not Taken. Frost wrote the poem in 1915 as a joke for a friend who was chronically indecisive about which road to take. We suspect if the friend had the choice between a road paved by Ace Asphalt and another one, he would definitely have chosen Ace. He wouldn’t be the only one.

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The Road to Ruin: What’s Wearing Down Your Asphalt?

Jon Baggett 19 Aug 2016

So you have this beautiful piece of asphalt. Or so you’ve always thought. But lately you’re noticing some wear that you can’t quite identify. Over there, it seems to be cracking. And over there, it looks like an expensive pair of alligator shoes. We call it alligator cracking. It’s not made of alligator and it doesn’t have to be expensive to fix, not if you know how to de-stress your asphalt and treat potential issues before they become monumental problems.

Cracked asphalt pothole  READ MORE

Asphalt Sealing Protects Your Parking Lot from Sun Damage

Brian Crow 10 May 2016

Did you know that sun can “burn” your asphalt? Did you know you can protect it with asphalt sealing?

Ace Asphalt Parking Lot Sealing  READ MORE

Now Serving Denver, Colorado with Asphalt and Concrete

Jon Baggett 11 Jan 2016

From our humble beginnings as a single striping crew back in 1966, to serving customers in multiple states across the Southwest, our growth has been driven by a commitment to providing reliable, long lasting surfaces at a fair price. We have always tried to grow where our customers need an asphalt and concrete company they can trust. We are delighted to announce our latest step in this direction: the acquisition of Brown Brothers Asphalt & Concrete of Denver, Colorado, by our parent company, Prophet Equity.

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5 Asphalt Repair Tips to Fix El Niño Damage in Your Parking Lot

Jon Baggett 05 Nov 2015

Weather experts warn that record-making El Niño rains may be coming to the Southwest this Winter 2015-2016. And like any niño whose fun time has gotten out of hand, higher than average rainfall could leave damage behind. At Ace Asphalt, we're ready to handle whatever pavement reconstruction or replacement you might need in the wake of the storms.

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5 Simple Tips for Preventing El Niño Pavement Damage

Jon Baggett 29 Oct 2015

When you're giving a children's party, you want to make sure that both the kids and your house will be in the same shape at the end of it as they were before it started. Same goes for the El Niño weather pattern we're likely to experience this winter. More rain than average could mean more damage to your pavement. And, as with prepping for your little party guests, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

5 Simple Tips for Preventing El Niño Pavement Damage  READ MORE