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5 Simple Tips for Preventing El Niño Pavement Damage

When you're giving a children's party, you want to make sure that both the kids and your house will be in the same shape at the end of it as they were before it started. Same goes for the El Niño weather pattern we're likely to experience this winter. More rain than average could mean more damage to your pavement. And, as with prepping for your little party guests, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

5 Simple Tips for Preventing El Niño Pavement Damage

How bad could it be?

Does the name Godzilla mean anything to you? That's what NASA climatologist Bill Patzert calls the El Niño that's coming to our Winter 2015 fiesta. Most weather experts agree with him, predicting it will be the strongest El Niño ever recorded. Here in the Southwest, we may be in for epic rainfalls, floods and mudslides...all of which could wreak havoc on our asphalt pavements.

National Weather Service Climate Prediction Center Forecast of Precipitation

Let's go over some things you can do right now to lessen the impact of El Niño’s effects on your pavement this winter. A free consultation with Ace Asphalt can help you decide which steps are right for you.

1. Spot the trouble spots.

Before the kids arrive at your party, it's a good idea to scan your house for areas where damage is likely to occur. Likewise, you should give your parking lots and roadways a thorough pre-El Niño inspection for:

  • Cracks that water could seep into, damaging the foundation
  • Depressions where water could pool, weakening the surface
  • Indications that water is not draining properly, such as staining or debris
  • Blocked drains, which force water to stand on pavements

Pothole in parking lot asphalt filled with standing water

2. Clear the way.

Ensuring a damage-free party can be as simple as directing the kids to a damage-proof zone, such as the back yard or a game room. For keeping your pavement intact, it's equally important to move rain or flood water off the surface and into the drains as fast as possible.

  • Remove debris from pavement and clear out blocked drains
  • Check and correct pavement slope and flow lines

Parking lot sweeping

3. Be wise about cracks.

You may ask if one little crack can lead to pavement damage. The answer is, it depends how much stress is put on it. One cup of punch spilled on the carpet will probably clean up fine, twenty cups, however, is a different story.... A small rain shower won't do much harm, but if a lot of water seeps into the crack, it softens the subgrade, causing more cracks, potholes, and eventually total breakdown. Avoid the problem by filling those little cracks before they turn into big headaches.

Cracks in asphalt parking lot

4. Level the field.

Just as you want the children to be safe at your party, you want your pavement — and the people who walk on it — to be safe. Your parking lot should be free of dips, depressions, and potholes that not only allow further water damage, but could also cause someone to trip and fall. A quick fix is skin patching, which layers new asphalt over the affected area. Whether this solution will work for you depends on the severity and location of the problem; your knowledgeable Ace Asphalt pavement expert can help you decide.

Asphalt skin patching in parking lot

5. Seal the deal.

Your kids' party room should be durable. Protect your pavement with an all-over sealant that locks out water and UV rays...both of which break down asphalt. Options include seal coat, slurry seal, micro surfacing, and TRMSS; your Ace Asphalt consultant will analyze your existing surface condition to determine which one is right for you.

Sealed and ready for parking lot striping

To learn more about how to protect your pavement from El Niño damage, schedule a conversation today.

ACE Asphalt is a full service asphalt maintenance, repair, and paving company with offices in Phoenix, Tucson, and Flagstaff, Arizona, Las Vegas, Nevada, Albuquerque, New Mexico, and Dallas,Texas. Ace serves the parking lot repair, maintenance, and paving needs of property managers, building owners, and contractors.

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