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Acronyms, Acronyms Everywhere

We live in an acronym-crazed culture! I can read a text message like “BTW BFF, RSVP ASAP!” and understand it. Even corporate America subscribes to this madness. Companies such as IBM, CVS, AT&T, and IKEA would hardly be recognized by their unabbreviated names. Every day, many people buy car insurance from GEICO not knowing it is short for Government Employees Insurance Company. So it is not surprising that the asphalt industry has a few acronyms of its own. One of these is TRMSS.

Acronyms Everywhere

TRMSS could be an abbreviation for many things…

  • Thermal Resistant Maintenance Sluicing Solution (nope)
  • Trans Roxi Mono Sodium Stearoyl (it’s asphalt, not a Twinkie)
  • Two Responsive Men Shoveling Slurry (we’re getting a little off track now)

Actually, TRMSS stands for Tire Rubber Modified Surface Seal. Manufactured by SealMaster, producer of the most recognized sealing products in the pavement maintenance industry, it is a clay stabilized asphalt emulsion pavement sealer containing ground tire rubber. It is designed to extend the useful life of asphalt pavements by providing superior UV protection, flexibility, adhesion, durability, and color retention.

TRMSS is different than a seal coat in that it is primarily applied to rougher surfaces at a thicker application rate (the chip sealed roadway photo below is a good candidate for TRMSS). Because it does not require dilution with water, more material remains on the surface when applied, creating a tighter bond to the pavement. This helps reduce aggregate loss while replenishing vital surface oils with overall less tracking than seal coat.

Chip Seal

If you are unsure whether TRMSS is a viable option for your surface, a professional estimator can help properly assess your pavement. Contact us PDQ to request a free quote!

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