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Asphalt Sealing: 4 Options to Protect Your Surface from UV Damage

Everybody knows that summers in the Southwest are just plain hot. With temperatures soaring well into the 90s and 100s, many folks (myself included) prefer to be inside in an air-conditioned environment as opposed to being outside in the blazing “sun furnace”. If we do have to be outside, lathering up with sunscreen to protect our skin is a must.

Asphalt Sealing: 4 Options to Protect Your Surface from UV Damage

As an advocate for your pavement, let me remind you that your asphalt surface needs to be protected from the sun as well…and that’s where sealing comes in.

From day one of your asphalt’s life, UV rays from the sun and oxygen from the air combine to break apart the chemical bonds that give pavements their strength. Pavement sealants are designed to slow this deterioration process, protecting the integrity and appearance of your pavement. Some even offer the added benefit of a new wearing surface for traffic. Let’s take a closer look at these sealing options.

Seal Coat – Think of this as anti-aging sunblock for your asphalt parking lots and roadways. Asphalt seal coat contains anti-oxidation additives to help minimize raveling and shield against moisture and the elements. It’s the ideal cost-effective preservation solution for any regular maintenance plan.

Slurry Seal – Slurry seal is similar to seal coat in that it acts as a protective coating for pavement, but is much thicker due to the addition of aggregate. This aggregate helps replace the fines that have raveled out over time, providing a new drivable surface for traffic. And, slurry seal is friendlier on the pocketbook than an asphalt overlay.

Microsurfacing – This is a cold-mix expansion of slurry seal that contains a higher polymer and asphalt residual content along with better quality aggregate for a new, long-lasting wearing surface. The addition of fast setting chemicals reduces the cure time for traffic to less than 1 hour – as opposed to 24 hours with a slurry seal.

TRMSS – An acronym for Tire Rubber Modified Surface Sealer, it protects and extends the pavement’s useful life by replacing essential surface oils, securing loose aggregates, and preventing damage caused by oxidation, weather, and traffic. Residential streets, highway shoulders, and airports are ideal locations for this maintenance treatment.

Don’t get burned when it comes to your sealing needs. A professional estimator can assess your pavement’s existing condition and recommend the right SPF level solution to keep your surface protected for many years.

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