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Easy, No-Cost Preventive Parking Lot Maintenance Tips

The cost of maintaining your asphalt pavement is a matter of dollars and sense. (Yes, you read that right!) The financial part is easy to understand: If your parking lot is gray, cracked or potholed, it’s going to cost money to fix. But there are practical steps you can take to help save your pavement – and your pocketbook – in the long run. Here are a few easy, no-cost preventive parking lot maintenance tips:

Standing water is one of the most damaging elements to your pavement

  1. Check and adjust any leaking sprinklers or irrigation overspray – As nature’s solvent, standing water is one of the most damaging elements to your pavement. Preventing water from pooling on your asphalt parking lot reduces its deteriorating effects and limits the amount of moisture saturation to underlying layers via small cracks.
  2. Make sure you have no leaking pipes under or near the asphalt – Your asphalt pavement sits on a foundation of aggregate and/or dirt. When that foundation becomes unstable, the surface becomes unstable and eventually cracks. The problem is you don’t usually see this type of deterioration until it’s too late. Being aware of changes to irrigation pressure and spikes in irrigation/water bills (both are evidence that you may be dealing with a water leak) and having a landscaping professional who alerts you quickly to possible leaks are critical to your success in this area.
  3. Remove debris from gutters and curb openings – Debris such as leaves, trash or dirt can restrict proper water flow to drainage areas. Make sure your landscape maintenance professional or street sweeping provider is adequately cleaning these areas regularly to prevent standing water.
  4. Minimize or eliminate oil threats – Motor vehicles tend to leak fluids – it’s just a fact of life. If you own, manage or influence residential properties (apartments, mobile home parks, HOAs, etc.), it might be worth your time to communicate the importance of proper vehicle care to your residents.

You can’t prevent your asphalt pavement from deteriorating entirely, but you can slow the process by implementing some of these preventive parking lot maintenance tips.

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ACE Asphalt is a full service asphalt maintenance, repair, and paving company with offices in Phoenix, Tucson, and Flagstaff, Arizona, Las Vegas, Nevada, Albuquerque, New Mexico, and Dallas,Texas. Ace serves the parking lot repair, maintenance, and paving needs of property managers, building owners, and contractors.

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