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How to Recognize Common Asphalt Problems and Issues

Forgive us if we sound like Captain Obvious from the Hotels.com commercials, but if you own or manage a property with an asphalt surface, you know it’s going to require upkeep. Identifying the right maintenance solution for your current pavement problem is a job for an asphalt professional. But knowing what ‘symptoms’ to look for and recognizing that you have a problem are tasks you can do yourself…and they are easier than you may think. Here’s a quick checklist – in the form of questions – to help you recognize potential asphalt problems:

Distressed asphalt with cracks and faded striping

  1. Does my asphalt look newer (black) or older (gray)?
  2. Are the pavement stripes/markings dirty or faded?
  3. How smooth is the asphalt surface?
    • Are the rocks in the asphalt showing?
    • Are there gravel-size rocks on the surface?
    • Is the surface chunky with pieces that can be removed easily?
  4. Are there cracks in the asphalt?
    • Are they ¼ inch in width or wider (see photo)?
    • Are there multiple cracks in a single area?
  5. Are there low areas that hold water?
  6. Are there potholes?

These questions are similar to the ones that our professional estimators consider when assessing a parking lot, roadway, or other asphalt surface. The factors that cause these issues to occur and the solutions available to fix them are topics for later posts. But for now, the sooner the issues are recognized and addressed, the greater the potential to save you money.

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