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5 Asphalt Repair Tips to Fix El Niño Damage in Your Parking Lot

Jon Baggett 05 Nov 2015

Weather experts warn that record-making El Niño rains may be coming to the Southwest this Winter 2015-2016. And like any niño whose fun time has gotten out of hand, higher than average rainfall could leave damage behind. At Ace Asphalt, we're ready to handle whatever pavement reconstruction or replacement you might need in the wake of the storms.

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5 Simple Tips for Preventing El Niño Pavement Damage

Jon Baggett 29 Oct 2015

When you're giving a children's party, you want to make sure that both the kids and your house will be in the same shape at the end of it as they were before it started. Same goes for the El Niño weather pattern we're likely to experience this winter. More rain than average could mean more damage to your pavement. And, as with prepping for your little party guests, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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El Niño Is Coming...Are Your Pavements Prepared?

Jon Baggett 30 Sep 2015

Like many children, El Niño can have its “moments”, throwing typhoon tantrums, tearful torrents, and other unpleasant weather events all over the planet. This winter it’s going to be a real handful, quite possibly the most challenging one ever. The Southwestern U.S. is predicted to receive more rain than usual, and a good pavement guardian should be ready to handle the situation.

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Mohave (MESC) Contract Awarded to Ace Asphalt for 15th Consecutive Year

Jon Baggett 31 Jul 2015

Mohave Educational Services Cooperative, Inc. (MESC) is a nonprofit corporation empowering Arizona schools, cities, counties, and other members to save time and money by providing cooperative contracts and procurement support for quality products and services. Contract services include but are not limited to materials, equipment, supplies and construction while maintaining full compliance with applicable rules, regulations, and statutes. Mohave has awarded vendor status to Ace Asphalt for the fifteenth consecutive year.

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Ace Asphalt Recognized as a Top Pavement Maintenance Contractor

Jon Baggett 07 Jul 2015

For the third consecutive year, Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction™, the leading magazine serving contractors in the paving, sealcoating, pavement marking, pavement repair, and sweeping industries, has selected Ace Asphalt as one of the nation’s Top Contractors.  READ MORE

Looking for Asphalt Paving in Texas? Ace Asphalt has you covered

Jon Baggett 12 Jun 2015

Do you need a reliable, responsive paving contractor in Northern Texas? Ace Asphalt serves the asphalt paving, concrete, sealing, and repair needs of customers in and around Dallas, Texas.

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9 Useful Parking Lot Maintenance Tips

Lea Porras 29 May 2015

A parking lot is like a painting…a big, flat, sturdy one that you drive over repeatedly. It needs care and attention to maintain its form and esthetics for as long as possible. If you want your parking lot to be the envy of the block, you’ll have to tend to it accordingly, and we have some tips that will keep your costs low so you can sit back and appreciate the view.

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Accessible Parking: An Open Door Policy

Jon Baggett 14 May 2015

When it seems like life is one long obstacle course to getting your foot in the door, consider the fact that doing so is really just a metaphor: you’ve probably never struggled with actually getting yourself through a literal doorway. It’s a daily reality for many Americans who live with accessibility issues, and who can bring a wealth of benefits to businesses, services, and functions if they could just, well, get in the door. The golden rule applies to your parking lot as much as your behavior, so here’s how to make sure your door is accessible to everyone, no matter how their feet are getting in.

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Asphalt or Concrete Parking Lot? A Choice You Don’t Have to Make

Jon Baggett 07 May 2015

In the United States of America, we have certain freedoms. We can make our potato chips taste like cinnamon rolls, crossbreed our St. Bernards with our Yorkies, and watch March Madness on 9 different devices simultaneously. And while all of these things are generally inadvisable, we can appreciate the liberty to not have to make a decision when we don’t want to.

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Overlays and Microsurfacing: The Ultimate Resurfacing Treatments

Jon Baggett 04 Mar 2015

Asphalt pavements are only as strong as the foundation beneath. Their protective abilities are not only threatened by natural and man-made forces from above, but also deteriorating foundational problems below the surface. Obviously, pavement removal and replacement is the only real way to diagnose and correct such problems, but not all situations – or maintenance budgets for that matter – are suited for this extensive step. Resurfacing treatments such as an asphalt overlay or microsurfacing can substantially extend the life of existing pavement surfaces until corrective measures are necessary. Don’t think of them as Band-Aids, think of them as suits of armor… just, not as shiny.

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