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What Causes Asphalt Pavement Distress and Deterioration?

Lea Porras 08 May 2014

Getting the maximum life out of your parking lot or roadway isn’t always easy…especially with Mother Nature, Father Time, and Brother Lead Foot playing major roles. You can thank these factors – or actors, if you will – for causing your asphalt surface to go from new and black to old and cracked. Understanding how they do it is the proverbial plot for our story. READ MORE

How to Recognize Common Asphalt Problems and Issues

Lea Porras 02 May 2014

Forgive us if we sound like Captain Obvious from the Hotels.com commercials, but if you own or manage a property with an asphalt surface, you know it’s going to require upkeep. Identifying the right maintenance solution for your current pavement problem is a job for an asphalt professional. But knowing what ‘symptoms’ to look for and recognizing that you have a problem are tasks you can do yourself…and they are easier than you may think. Here’s a quick checklist – in the form of questions – to help you recognize potential asphalt problems:

Distressed asphalt with cracks and faded striping  READ MORE

Is Your Parking Lot a Battlefield?

Jon Baggett 22 Jan 2014

It’s been a long day on site. As you walk to your car, you notice a large crack zigzagging across the parking lot where it splits and sprawls between potholes – your parking lot is beginning to look like a minefield. You ask yourself: Why is my parking lot cracking? What could have been done to prevent this damage? Once I repair those cracks, how long before they resurface?

Property Managers who know the answers to these questions, and understand the advantages and limitations of potential solutions, can win the war on pavement deterioration.

Want to win the war on pavement deterioration? Download this free whitepaper  READ MORE