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When to Prioritize Facility Maintenance Decisions

In case you haven’t heard, Christmas is next month! Priority #1 is making a list, checking it twice, and figuring out how much to spend on presents — you know, making a budget. Without it, come Christmas morning, my kids will be playing with toys from Disney’s Frozen while Aunt Betty and Uncle Fred are left out in the cold.

Pavement lifecycle chart

Budgets are just as important when making facility maintenance decisions.

The "Biggest Bang" Theory

Does being required to complete 50+ maintenance issues this year, when you realistically only have a budget to do 10 of them properly, sound familiar? In facility maintenance, owners and managers are all too familiar with lists and budgets, and we all want the biggest bang for our buck. In “lean” economic times, the desire to cover the most items on our lists for the best price gets even stronger. Tough choices have to be made, with the decision not only affecting the current state of the property, but also any future resale value.

What's the Solution?

Proper maintenance at the right time! Asphalt pavement will perform effectively for many years when properly maintained. On average, parking lots and other pavement surfaces experience only a 40% drop in condition quality during the first 75% of a pavement’s life. During this time, the cost of maintenance or preservation is low. During the next 12% of a pavement’s life, another 40% drop in condition quality typically occurs. At this point the cost of preservation increases significantly. The farther the condition quality drops, the closer the need for corrective measures becomes, and before you know it you are removing and replacing a parking lot at a higher expense than anticipated; possibly when asphalt and material prices are much higher than right now.

Protecting Your Investment

Your property is a major investment today, and your pavement areas are a significant portion of the size of your property. With proper maintenance prioritization, you can take the right steps to enhance your business’s value to your customers, your community, and your bottom line. Now that’s money well spent!

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