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Public Works Projects

Do you need paving and asphalt services for a public works project? To better serve our public works clients, Ace Asphalt has been awarded vendor status with Mohave Educational Services Cooperative (MESC), a public procurement agency.

What is Mohave (MESC)?

  • Mohave is a public procurement agency that offers a cooperative purchasing program for various government and nonprofit entities in Arizona.
  • Mohave contracts cover a wide variety of goods and services including but not limited to materials, equipment, supplies and construction.
  • Members enjoy a simplified purchasing process that fully complies with applicable procurement rules, regulations and Statutes.

How does it work?

  • Products and services offered through Mohave have gone through a competitive sealed bidding process in compliance with the Arizona State Procurement Code, and Arizona State Board of Education procurement rules.
  • Unit pricing is established through market trends relating to the state of the economy. Adjustments allow vendors to pass on savings to members while remaining competitive in the marketplace. All unit pricing is published to Mohave members allowing them to verify any project costs.
  • You, as a member, work directly with vendors throughout the entire sales process to ensure expectations are properly set between you and the vendor providing the service.
  • Mohave reviews all purchase orders on behalf of you and the vendor to help ensure compliance with the contract.
  • Mohave actively explores new service offerings based on member needs and requests.
  • There is no membership or annual fee to join, Mohave’s 1% administration fee is included in the contract pricing for most contracts to fund business operations such as salaries, facilities, vehicles, insurance, supplies, etc.

What are the benefits of using Mohave for Ace services?

  • Cost savings through best possible prices we offer for our services.
  • Simplified procurement with one call to request service.
  • Ace absorbs the 1% Mohave fee.
  • Risk reduced with Mohave assisting for dispute resolution.
  • Mohave has received the NIGP Outstanding Agency Accreditation Achievement Award.

How do I find out more information or get started?

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