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Ace Asphalt Awarded Mohave Contract for Asphalt Paving with Lowest Prices Received


Phoenix, AZ - Mohave Educational Services Cooperative (Mohave) has recently awarded Ace Asphalt the statewide cooperative contract for asphalt paving and related services.

The contract allows Ace to provide pavement maintenance solutions such as seal coating, crack fill, slurry seal, asphalt repairs, concrete, striping and more to any Mohave member in the state of Arizona.

Ace has been the Asphalt Paving contractor for the Mohave contract for the last ten years and has now been awarded an additional calendar year, with the possibility of extension for four additional annual terms.

The contract was competitively awarded based on the following evaluation criteria:
   1)  Price
   2)  Conformance to the terms and conditions in the solicitiation
   3)  Completeness of the bid and required forms
   4)  Service capabilities for all regions of the state
   5)  Availability of maintenance beyond warranty period
   6)  References and Past Performance Information (PPI) review

Since the contract includes many different services in locations across the entire state of Arizona, Mohave utilized a "Market Basket" of various contract services to compare competitive prices of contractor's submittals.  Ace Asphalt's pricing was significantly lower than its competitors in the segment.

"The competitive award of the Mohave contract to Ace Asphalt of Arizona, Inc. confirms our commitment of being responsive to the difficult economic times facing our state's education and public works budgets," commented Tim Drexler, President and CEO of Ace Asphalt.  "We believe that there is no better value for public dollars than our current Mohave statewide pricing for asphalt and related services.

About Ace Asphalt
As the largest private grading, paving, and pavement maintenance company in Arizona, Ace Asphalt paves or resurfaces over 180 million square feet per year.  Ace Asphalt is a two-time member of the Inc. 5000 and has been ranked by its customers among the Top 10 Heavy Construction Companies in Arizona for the past 10 years.  For more information, contact us at 602-243-4100.

About Mohave Educational Services Cooperative
Mohave Educational Services Cooperative started in 1971 as a school service agency providing career education.  Since 1988, the organization has offered cooperative purchasing to over 250 school districts, city and county governments, community colleges and other qualifying non-profit agencies.  Mohave is highly dependable and regarded as one of the top cooperative purchasing programs in Arizona.  For more information, visit their website at www.mesc.org.

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Ace Asphalt did a tremendous job. It’s nice to have another provider in the state for track work.

Scott W., Conspeco, Inc.