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Finished parking lot in Gilbert, Arizona. Paving, earthwork and demolition by Ace AsphaltAce Asphalt cutting the subgrade at 202 Business Park in Gilbert, ArizonaEarthwork in Gilbert, Arizona by Ace AsphaltNorth end of 202 Business Park in Gilbert, ArizonaSign and finished parking lot at 202 Business Park in Gibert, ArizonaTopographic Survey and 3-D Site Modeling of 202 Business Park in Gilbert, Arizona completed by Ace Asphalt
New-construction Asphalt & Parking Lot Maintenance and Repair



202 Business Park

General Contracting

The Project:

The 202 Business Park project was funded during a time of escalating asphalt material prices. Between the time the job was bid and when paving was to take place, a mandatory price increase for materials occurred, placing the customer's budget in jeopardy.

The Ace Solution:

We were able to save the owner nearly $100,000 by working with Nitti Brothers to produce the paving phase prior to the material price escalation date, making it a success for all parties. For the onsite work, we graded and paved 2-inch deep asphalt over 5-inch deep compacted aggregate base course (ABC) in the parking areas, 3-inch asphalt on 8-inch ABC in the heavy duty/private drive areas, and 4-inch asphalt on 12-inch ABC in the public drive. All offsite paving was done with 4-inch asphalt on 12-inch ABC.

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Quick Facts/Technical Specs:
ABC Tons: 27,264
Asphalt Tons: 10,709
Import/Export Dirt: 6,000 cubic yards

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Ace Asphalt did a tremendous job. It’s nice to have another provider in the state for track work.

Scott W., Conspeco, Inc.