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City of Phoenix 27th Avenue Transfer Station

General Contracting

The Project:

Layton Construction Company was looking for a grading and paving specialist to help with the expansion at the City of Phoenix 27th Avenue Transfer Station.

The Ace Solution:

Besides being the lowest bidder, we provided the right value engineering options Layton Construction Company was looking for.  Due to the size of the project site, we were able to save the customer money by stockpiling material onsite for use around the project.  This includes the moving of over 8,000 cubic yards of dirt from the stockpile to the transfer facility for backfilling footers and construction of the building pad.  Also at the transfer facility, we reconstructed the existing roadways to tie in for new concrete entrance and exit ramps.  Additional work included the construction of two parking areas at the training center, cutting four retention areas and filling with rip rap, and various grading around the project site.

“I have enjoyed working with Ace Asphalt.  Your Project Manager was a true professional and worked hard to meet my needs." - John S., Construction Manager

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Quick Facts/Technical Specs:
ABC Tons: 9,006
Asphalt Tons: 2,687
Balanced site through cut & fill

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It's a pleasure working with Ace Asphalt knowing that they bring experience, knowledge, and value to the construction team – project after project.

Chris H., The Weitz Company