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Asphalt crack repair and sealcoating in Phoenix, Arizona at Palmcroft Baptist ChurchCracked parking lot pavement in Phoenix, ArizonaPhoto of eastern view of finished parking lot in Phoenix, ArizonaFront view of parking lot in Phoenix, AZWestern view of parking lot in Phoenix, ArizonaAsphalt sealcoating and parking lot striping in Phoenix, AZ
New-construction Asphalt & Parking Lot Maintenance and Repair


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Palmcroft Baptist Church

Property Ownership/Management

The Project:

The parking lots at Palmcroft Baptist Church showed signs of overall surface deterioration with certain areas of disrepair that could be considered trip and fall hazards for its members and visitors. Palmcroft came to us requesting seal coating and patching.

The Ace Solution:

We evaluated the parking lots and provided alternative solutions to provide longevity to the surface's life cycle. These solutions included skin patches totaling 500 square feet, removal and replacement of 350 square feet of asphalt at a 3 inch depth, cleaning and seal coating approximately 25,900 square feet with 2 coats of pavement sealer, crack filling nearly 6,875 linear feet, and re-striping, the lots as necessary. By including slurry seal to the scope in the more deteriorated areas, the result was better structural integrity of the lots as well as long-term cost savings to the church.

"Ace Asphalt has provided us with great communication, outstanding workmanship, and service second to none for over 18 years." Tom S., Maintenance Supervisor

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Notable Projects with Customer:We have performed regular maintenance for Palmcroft Baptist Church since 1991.

Quick Facts/Technical Specs:
Total Area Seal Coated: 25,900 square feet
Total Area Slurry Sealed: 24,000 square feet
Crack Fill Gallons: 125
Number of Parking Stalls: 168

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I have enjoyed working with Ace Asphalt. Your Project Manager was a true professional and worked hard to meet my needs.

John S., Layton Construction Company