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Rancho Mirage Ward during construction in Maricopa, ArizonaAce Asphalt tank on jobsite in Maricopa, ArizonaSite & Land Clearing in Maricopa, ArizonaAce Asphalt performing dust control in Maricopa, ArizonaCompleted asphalt parking lot in Maricopa, Arizona3-D Site Model of Rancho Mirage Ward in Maricopa, Arizona
New-construction Asphalt & Parking Lot Maintenance and Repair



Rancho Mirage Ward

General Contracting

The Project:

Okland Construction Company, Inc. has an outstanding resume as a builder of high-quality religious buildings and properties. They were looking for an experienced asphalt paving company with proven earthwork capabilities to help them complete a new ward in the Rancho Mirage neighborhood of Maricopa. Flexibility became the primary challenge at start up since seasonal rains delayed the scheduling of the project.

The Ace Solution:

We exceeded our commitment to Okland by our on-site presence during the initial rainy period despite a financial cost to the company. We removed and disposed of all existing concrete & asphalt, then cleared and grubbed the site in preparation for grading. Once the site was balanced, we compacted and fine graded the pads, landscape and hardscape areas. Finally, we installed 3-inch deep asphalt on 6-inch deep aggregate base course, provided adjustment for 4 cleanouts, and installed 2 feet of offsite patchback.

"We're excited that Ace Asphalt was the low bidder on this project. You are the big guys out there in the industry and we've wanted to work with you for some time now." - Tom H., Project Manager

Ace Asphalt is a high quality company that understands the customer's needs and has provided us with fast and friendly service.

David K., Rio Rancho Public Schools