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Newly paved access drive in Phoenix, ArizonaAce Asphalt a paving contractor in Phoenix, Arizona paved this access driveCompacting new pavement in Phoenix, ArizonaSign at Swift Transportation Corporation in Phoenix, ArizonaAce Asphalt paving the access drive in Phoenix, Arizona
New-construction Asphalt & Parking Lot Maintenance and Repair



Swift Transportation Corporation

Property Ownership/Management

The Project:

For safety purposes, Swift Transportation was in need of a new access drive from their parking lot to 75th Avenue.

The Ace Solution:

We demolished and hauled off over 200 cubic yards of asphalt to make way for the new 800 foot access drive. After balancing the site, we excavated and placed a new storm drain pipe, then fine graded the site for concrete work. Once the subgrade was prepped, a design of 6 inches of asphalt on 7 inches of aggregate base course was used to construct the drive in order to handle the daily traffic of heavy trucks. Minor utility adjustments added the final touch to this project.

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Notable Projects with Customer:We have provided construction and maintenance services for Swift Transportation since 2004.

Quick Facts/Technical Specs:
Cut to Fills Moved: 4,809 cubic yards
Total Area Paved: 5,285 square yards

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