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Step 1: Excess/unsuitable foundation material is loaded into a dump truck and hauled off the site.
Step 2: New material is brought in and spread onto the site in identified areas.
Step 3: Using a sheep’s foot roller or scraper, the soil is compacted to spec for adequate density.


 If your existing track surface is showing signs of deterioration, or you are concerned that it may not meet current standards, look no further than Ace Asphalt and Renner Sports Surfaces. Our team has the expertise and resources to evaluate, repair, or renovate your running track facility. We’ll meet you on site to determine your specific needs and suggest the right options to meet your budget.

Learn more about how we repair running track surfaces below, and contact us for a free estimate to get started on your next project.


- Application

For tracks in need of full reconstruction, we will remove the existing surface along with the asphalt pavement and aggregate base course. Heavy equipment is used to grade and balance your site to specification prior to paving. Aggregate Base Course may be added and compacted during this phase, along with any repairs to the concrete or drainage system. The track is then paved with a hot-mix asphalt and compacted.

After curing, the track is ready for surfacing using a latex or polyurethane-bound base mat and, depending on the track design you select, polyurethane surface layers and rubber granules. We even have a top-of-the-line, solid-pour polyurethane design that runners just love. Once the surface has properly set, professional striping and customized markings such as lane numbers and corporate/scholastic logos add the finishing touches.

For tracks only in need of surface replacement, we will remove the old track surface and replace it with the new latex or polyurethane-bound system of your choice. A fresh re-striping and re-painting of markings complete the process.

+ Benefits (Click to expand)

Ace Asphalt and Renner Sports Surfaces provide you with the most comprehensive experience for design, construction and rehabilitation of running tracks in Arizona and New Mexico. Through our partnership, we offer:

  • One-Stop Shop: One relationship for all phases of work required to repair running track surfaces, eliminating the unnecessary cost and requirement for multiple specialty subcontractors.
  • Multiple Options: A variety of running track resurfacing options for all budget levels and facility requirements.
  • Up-to-Date Knowledge: Memberships maintained in industry-related associations to stay current with new developments and ideas.
  • Certification: ASBA Certified Track Builder credentials.

+ Available Materials & Options (Click to expand)

Latex Running Track Surfaces

  • RSS100: Economical surface made up of 10mm latex-bound rubber built up in four layers.
  • RSS200: Economical surface made up of two layers of colored rubber granules along with a latex-bound shock absorption pad.

Polyurethane Running Track Surfaces

  • RSS2000: Base mat/structural spray synthetic track system.
  • RSS3000: Non-porous mat/spray synthetic track surface. 
  • RSS4000: Sandwich system synthetic track surface. 
  • RSS5000: Full-depth 100% polyurethane-based synthetic track system.
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