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Value Engineering | Cut & Fill Site Balancing | Soil Import/Export
Step 1: Excess/unsuitable foundation material is loaded into a dump truck and hauled off the site.
Step 2: New material is brought in and spread onto the site in identified areas.
Step 3: Using a sheep’s foot roller or scraper, the soil is compacted to spec for adequate density.


There are a number of great reasons to have to export or import dirt to and from your site, but poor cut & fill site balancing by your earthwork contractor is not one of them. Unfortunately, this is one of the primary causes of unexpected change orders during this phase of construction.  Where an inch off can cost you a mile on a project, you want to have absolute confidence in your contractor's value engineering abilities.

Learn more about our soil import/export services below, and contact us for a free estimate.

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Importation or exportation is the pre-cursor or the result of performing other services such as demolition, over-excavation, mass/rough grading and fine grading. At Ace, we use the latest technology to ensure proper pre-work and planning is carried out before we begin to dig, so that any known issues are planned out well in advance of showing up on site. Preparation for your project may include site design and survey, obtaining proper permits, city water meter setup, and mobilizing dust control and storm water pollution prevention measures.

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  • Comprehensive: Full site-work package with one company, including asphalt paving and concrete.
  • Efficient: Our take-off process uses the latest technology and methods to ensure precision in our cut & fill strategy. More precision equals less money spent on unnecessary soil imports or soil exports.
  • Ahead of Schedule: Start your project timeline off on the right path with a reliable partner who has a track record of exceeding expectations.
  • Experienced: Decades of experience sniffing out conflicts between specs and plans so that problems are solved before moving on site where they become much more expensive to work through.
  • Detailed Quality: Checkpoints throughout on-site process on widths and depths that even a Soils Engineer Inspector would admire, ensuring variations are caught early and corrected promptly.

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Dirt: From fill to specified screened, we will import what is needed to fit your project profile and soil specifications.
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