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Asphalt Sealing Solutions:

Seal Coat
Slurry Seal


Protect and Seal Your Parking Lot

We all need protection from the sun. So does your asphalt parking lot and other paved surfaces.

From day one of your asphalt’s life, UV rays from the sun and oxygen from the air combine to break apart the chemical bonds that give pavements their strength. Pavement sealants, such as seal coat and TRMSS, slow this deterioration process here in the Desert Southwest, protecting the integrity and appearance of your pavement. And for those older parking lots that need a little extra TLC, our line of slurry seal and microsurfacing services will provide the new wearing surface your asphalt needs for years to come.

At Ace, we don’t just build it. We protect it. Contact us today to learn more about our asphalt sealing services, and request a free estimate to get started on your next project.

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The professionalism that Gary Mowery and the rest of your team displayed during the entire job, beginning to end was great. Being an “Out of Town” contractor, we don’t often get treated like a life-long client. In this case we were and we look forward to any future project we can do with you and your team.

Ray Eriks, Cambridge Companies