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Strong Defense for Your Asphalt Pavements

Tire Rubber Modified Surface Seal TRMSS | ACE Pavement Maintenance
Step 1: Prior to sealing, we will sweep and perform any needed repairs to your asphalt pavements.
Step 2: We then apply the TRMSS evenly using a computer rate control distributor truck.
Step 3: Once cured, your site is ready for a fresh restripe.


If you're looking for an effective solution to help maintain your asphalt pavements, slurry seal or chip seal surfaces, look no further than TRMSSTRMSS (Tire Rubber Modified Surface Seal) protects and extends the pavement's useful life by replacing vital surface oils, securing loose aggregates and preventing damage caused by oxidation, weather, and traffic.

Learn more about TRMSS service, one of several pavement maintenance services offered by ACE, and contact us for a free estimate to get started on your next project.

- Application

Prior to surface sealing, we will perform any asphalt pavement repair and crack filling that your job requires. We then sweep the surface to remove debris in order to ensure as strong an adhesion as possible.

We are now ready to begin sealing your pavement. Using a computer rate control distributor truck, we apply the TRMSS evenly to your existing surface. Hand spray wands and squeegees may be used for smaller areas or trim.

Once dry, your site is now ready for a fresh re-striping and re-painting of markings!

+ Benefits (Click to expand)

  • UV Protection: TRMSS provides excellent protection from the intense Southwestern sun exposure.
  • Extends Pavement Life: 2-3 year lifespan improvement.*
  • Fast Dry Time: In most cases, we can have your asphalt pavements sealed and ready for traffic in as little as 2 hours.
  • Durability: TRMSS is uniquely formulated to resist traffic scuffing and tracking.**
  • Easy to Apply: Single coat process eliminates the need for multiple applications.

*Life span improvement estimates are based on pavements that are regularly maintained and depend heavily on the condition of pavement prior to treatment and a number of other factors.

**Due to its limited skid resistance properties, TRMSS is not recommended for parking lots.

+ Available Materials & Options (Click to expand)

TRMSS: We are proud to offer TRMSS, a high-quality product from SealMaster. TRMSS is modified with terminal blended recycled tire rubber for superior UV protection, flexibility, adhesion, durability, and color retention.
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