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Site Design & Land Surveying Solutions:

Topographical Survey
3-D Site Modeling 

Design & Survey that Plan for Success

Your engineering plans are more just another preconstruction phase – they’re the essential blueprints to your new masterpiece. Our in-house Civil Engineering department specializes in analyzing your project’s plans and providing the most precise and competitive bid for your demolition, earthwork, concrete and paving needs.

Determining the accuracy and current state of these plans can mean the difference between paying too much for imported material versus saving you thousands by balancing your site.

As a service to our clients, our in-house land surveying team uses the latest GPS bay-station technology to provide a topographical survey on every job to catch any potential issues between plans and grade before we start. We also provide extensive 3-D site modeling for further visualization and analysis.

Throughout the project, additional surveys are performed to ensure our work matches specifications for tolerances – resulting in the best final product. Contact us to learn more about our building site design and topographical survey capabilities, or request a free estimate now.

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I am very pleased with the final product Ace Asphalt puts out and how well they handle everything – from schedule to barricades.

Ken K., PING