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Step 1: Data from our takeoff or 3-D site model is uploaded into a GPS computer.
Step 2: Our survey team will tie your site’s location coordinates into an on-site marker.
Step 3: A survey team member will drive your site, taking elevation readings every five feet.
Step 4: Information from the GPS computer is downloaded and used to create a new takeoff.


Preparing land for development requires a number of different services. Perhaps the most essential yet underrated of these services is the topographic survey. A topographic survey determines the existing "lay of the land" (or topography) so that proper calculations can be made regarding material quantities needed to balance or level or project site. This results in a more precise bid up front so you and we have greater confidence in the budget once the project begins.

We can perform topographic surveys throughout the project (pre-bid or pre-start, progress and final phase) to ensure accuracy not only against the architectural plans but also as a means of continuous monitoring of the quality of work we are performing.

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- Application

Information from a take-off or 3-D site model is loaded into one of our Global Positioning System (GPS) computers. Our survey team will then visit your property where they will use this computer to tie your project's location coordinates into an existing on-site marker. Using an all-terrain vehicle equipped with a GPS holder, a member of the survey team will drive your site, taking an elevation measurement every five feet in a continuous switchback line that resembles a lawn mower pattern. The elevation readings are then downloaded into our Civil Engineering design program where a new take-off is created and compared to the original for accuracy purposes.

Our ability to call out grades anywhere on the site means that our machines never stop working because we are not dependent on outside sources for the information.

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  • Precise Bidding: Our pre-bid topographic survey allows us to provide you with the most accurate bid possible.
  • Five Times the Accuracy: GPS survey measurements taken at five feet versus 50 feet intervals mitigate the risk of import/export mistakes and identify anomalies in existing documentation.
  • Quality Control: We demonstrate through documentation that the work completed adheres to specification for tolerances (ADA compliance, proper elevations, etc.) prior to paving. We also perform volume checks on retention areas prior to landscaping to ensure a job done right.

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