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Wayne Bell, President - Ace AsphaltA Message from Wayne Bell, President

We serve clients who own, manage or build facilities exclusively in the Southwest - including Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, California and Texas.

In 1966, our founder, John Drexler, started this company by offering an alternative to the dishonesty, poor communication and inferior workmanship in the industry at that time. He grew the company by offering a fair price, responsiveness and impeccable reliability. Nearly five decades later, that simple tradition continues. There have been many changes to the business over the years as we've grown throughout the Southwest, but our principles remain the same.

Today, we are proud to have earned the business of thousands of valued clients annually. In turn, this enables us to employ hundreds of employee's throughout the Southwestern United States to pave or resurface an estimated 180 million square feet each year – that’s the equivalent of 3,165 football fields!

If you have not had the opportunity to work on a project with Ace, my hope is that you will give us a try on your next one. We certainly don’t claim to be perfect, but I’m confident you’ll discover that the hassle that is so common with construction projects will be pleasantly minimal when you work with Ace Asphalt.


Wayne Bell

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Ace Asphalt did a tremendous job getting in and completing the project within a week without one complaint from our local citizens.

Mark J., Town of Guadalupe